10 Steps To Planning The Perfect Bridal Shower

10 Tips On Planning A Spectacular Bridal Shower

1) Decide who will give the shower. Traditionally, the maid of honor or a bridesmaid hosts the bridal shower. But today’s showers can be hosted by just about anyone, especially if family members and friends live in different geographical areas. If you want to host a bridal shower, clear it with the bride, and do it!

2) Set a budget. How much do you have to spend for the party? If your funds are limited, ask others to co-host with you and share in the expenses. Agree on a budget ahead of time. You can plan a fabulous party with any budget.

3) Make up the guest list. Decide if you’re having a ladies only shower or if you’ll be inviting couples. Ask the bride for a list of people she’d like to have at the shower. Call the bride’s mother and future mother-in-law for their lists. Be sure to tell them about how many people you’d like the final guest list to be. Organize addresses, phone numbers, and email lists on a computer spreadsheet so all hosts can use it easily.

4) Invitations range from “evites” to engraved and should reflect the shower style. If you’re having a formal, bridal brunch or couples’ cocktail party, up the ante on the invitations. For a girls’ night lingerie party, casual’s the way to go. Regardless of the style, invitations must include all the important information (date, time, address, rsvp info, gift theme if there is one)

5) Themes and Décor should reflect the couple. If your shower is honoring a young couple setting up their first household, consider a kitchen or household theme. For a couple “with everything” how about asking for money gifts to send them on the honeymoon of their dreams? Décor can range from fresh flowers, candlelight, white china with the “bride’s color” as accents, or more whimsical designs. Use your imagination.

6) Choose your menu based on your theme, the time of day, the number of guests you’re having, the space you have available, as well as any dietary needs of the bride and/or bridegroom. The last shower I gave was for my niece. She’s a vegetarian, so we chose an ice cream social theme. Menus are limitless. You can be as extravagant or as casual as you like. Whether you have the party catered or invite all your friends to a bring something to share potluck-style, the party can still be memorable.

7) When you’re deciding on a location, make sure it’s accessible with plenty of parking and that you can accommodate the number of guests you’ve invited.

8 ) Set your shower for the appropriate time of day. Obviously, a brunch shower is held in late morning, a cocktail party would typically be held in early evening, and an afternoon barbecue—well, in the afternoon.

9) Designate someone as the official photographer. After the shower, put together an album for the bride and groom.

10) Finally, be a great host. Meet every guest at the door. If you’re unsure, ask them how they know the bride and/or groom. Point them to the drink or appetizer table. If they look lost, introduce them to other guests.

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