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I love telling you about services and honest, reliable folks who do their best to make your life easier. A couple of years ago, my friend Joey told me about Time for Dinner. We checked it out, we loved it, and now my husband and I go nearly every month. Time for Dinner’s slogan is “Home Cooking Made Easy”–and it is!

Each month they put out a list of about 15 main dishes, side dishes, and desserts you can choose to make. I sign up on line–easy. We make six choices, each serves at least 6. You can choose to make more. The folks who work at Time for Dinner do all the shopping, the chopping, etc. When we get there all we have to do is put our aprons on and start assembling. There are individual work stations for each menu selection. Each station has the recipe, directions, and everything you need to put it together. Since we only have 3 people eating dinner most nights we divide each meal into two containers. Quick calculation…that means we walk out with 12 meals to put into our freezer, all neatly labeled.

Here’s what we love about Time for Dinner:
* The women who work there. They’re awesome. We’ve been cooking for a long time, but they’re so patient with everyone’s questions. If you don’t know how to cook it would be a great place to learn.
* The ingredients are all really fresh. The meat is the best quality.
* We don’t have to shop, chop, or clean.
* We can make 12 meals (6 full orders) in less than an hour.
* They include all the cooking and nutrition information on the pre-printed labels.
* There’s a set fee for 12 or 6 orders…no sliding scale.
* John and I have a blast doing something together.
* It’s locally owned.
* The food tastes great!

They offer lots of other services, so check out the website.

Bottom line is thanks to Time for Dinner we’re eating better, spending less money, and taking the stress out of planning our meals during the week. We’ve also made meals there for friends who are `under the weather.’ We make them and put them in their freezer and then they have an easy meal ready anytime they want it.

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