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Are you a listaholic? Groceries, errands, calls to make, people to see, gifts to buy? Do you even have lists for the fun stuff you want to make time for? Movies to see, books to read, restaurants to go to?

For most of us, many of the things on our “to do” lists never get done. They just keep hanging around, moving from list to list, occasionally making us crazy enough that we eventually cross them off just to get rid of them.

Ever wonder why you just can’t seem to get ‘er done? It’s probably because a lot of those nagging things on your list—say getting your three-year-old’s baby clothes to the resale shop, or making sure those nasty gutters get cleaned, or setting up delivery of a hot meal to your grandmother once a week—may be great things to do, but they’re just not one of the priorities you have day-to-day. Face it, you lead a busy life and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything! That’s where At Your Service comes in.

Whether it’s a one-time special occasion or a regularly-scheduled event, the At Your Service personal assistants are looking forward to helping you work through your “to do list” and discover the free time you deserve. Call 314.994.1382, or email us at info@atyourservicesstlcounty today for more information on how At Your Service can lighten your load.

With the holiday season gearing up, be sure to check into our clutter-free, easy does it gift ideas. Gift baskets or gift certificates for a few hours of personal assistant time are perfect for those hard-to-buy-for folks on your list.

Couldn’t you use a couple more hours this week? Call us!

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