At Your Service! What A Personal Concierge Can Do For You

We have such a growing family of clients and personal concierges at At Your Service, we often forget that many of you visiting our website are here for just the first, second, or third time. So, if you’re checking us out:


St. Louis area residents are finding they actually can do something about their lack of time, their endless to-do lists, their guilt about not being all things to all people. Read on…

What does At Your Service Do?

At Your Service provides professional concierge services on a one-time hourly basis, or partial to full-time home management for our regular monthly clients. Think of our team as your personal assistants working as all-purpose managers for your life. At Your Service can handle your shopping and errands, purchase tickets here in St. Louis or in other cities across the world, or manage your home and auto maintenance.

We’ve hired and managed housekeepers, tutors, landscapers, plumbers, carpenters–even doctors and dentists for our clients. We’re experts at researching hard-to-find information, organizing parties, fundraisers, and neighborhood get-togethers. We walk dogs, invite them into our homes or stay with them while you travel, take them to the vet–we even have a mobile dog groomer on call who picks up and delivers your Fido straight to your door. And when it comes to pets–we’re not just into dogs. Our menagerie of clients includes birds, turtles, guinea pigs, cats, fish, and the occasional reptile. One of our personal assistants has never met an animal she doesn’t love. Another part-time personal assistant is a pre-veterinary student.

Why call At Your Service?

We work hard to free up your time so you can focus on what’s important in your life. Our regular customers will be happy to share their personal experiences with us and tell you stories about how they feel more organized, more in control, and generally freer since we’ve started working together.

No one can be an expert at everything–not even you. Our personal assistants can fill in the gaps so you can shine and play up your strengths for all they’re worth! We have clients we cook for or shop for or handle their recycling. We have clients who call us every time their home or car needs maintenance. We do domestic and international travel planning for clients, making sure everything is organized and in a nice carry-on binder so vacations aren’t a hassle.

We’re here to make your life easier, whatever it takes. In fact, our motto is “The Only Limit To Our Services Is Your Imagination“. Challenges put huge smiles on our faces–so keep them coming.

How much does At Your Service cost?

We think the benefits of hiring our services far outweigh the costs–and our regular clients agree. Our hourly rate is $35. We also offer flexible packages starting at a 4-hour minimum ($125) that lowers the cost incrementally. These packages can be used any way you like, for any service or combination of service you need within the month.

How do I start?

Call us at 314-994-1382, or email us. We offer free, no commitment, in-person consultations. We guarantee that after just one concierge session you’ll experience the difference a professional concierge can make in your life.

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