Don’t Wait For Some Day

[Guest Post By Janine Adams]

In the hustle and bustle of daily life and the struggle to just get essentials accomplished every day, it can be so easy to put off doing things that you enjoy.

Learning a new language or musical instrument, pursuing a new hobby, traveling to an interesting locale, those things often are put off until that elusive day when you’ll somehow have the time for it.

But the trouble is sometimes that day never arrives. Daily life will always be busy. There are always more urgent things to do. It’s up to you to prioritize the enjoyable activities. I call that good self care.

I’ve experienced this first hand recently. About ten years ago, my interest in researching my family history was piqued when my mother shared some genealogical research a distant cousin had done. I dabbled in learning more, but always felt like I didn’t have time do any kind of thorough research (or learn to do it properly).

Though the desire remained to do the research, I rarely took the time. And when I did, I felt overwhelmed and incompetent.

This year, my schedule has lightened as I’ve finished up with some volunteer obligations. So I’ve turned my attention to my family history research and I’m so happy doing it. I’ve given it a priority and taken the time to learn the ins and outs of the hobby. (I’m taking classes through Family Tree University.) And I’ve started a new blog, Organize Your Family History, to chronicle my journey of keeping organized and happy while I do the research.

For me “some day” has arrived and I’m so glad. Is there something enjoyable in your life you’ve been waiting to do? Can you start it today (even if it’s just a tiny step)?

Reprinted, with permission, from the Peace of Mind Organizing monthly newsletter.
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