How Often Should Your Dog Be Walked? Our Pet Concierges Have The Answer

Most dog owners know regular exercise is an important part of their pet’s daily routine. Regular walks will keep your dog’s bones strong, plus keep him from getting bored and chewing on things or demonstrating other destructive behaviors. Obviously, walking allows him to “do his business” outside and an opportunity to socialize with other dogs and humans.

A common question our pet concierges hear is, “how often should my dog be walked?”

The answer primarily depends on the breed of dog you own, its age, and general health. For some breeds once a day walks are enough, but for others (especially high-energy ones) multiple walks each day are required to keep them happy and under control. If your dog is “acting out” while you’re away it’s a good sign he needs more exercise. As a general rule most vets recommend you walk your dog a minimum of 20 minutes, twice a day.

Here are some common factors that affect how many times you need to walk your dog each day:

  • Dog breed: Breeds with small bladders need to be walked more frequently.
  • Dog size: Small dogs usually need shorter and fewer walks.
  • Dog’s energy level: If your dog is very energetic, he’ll need longer and more frequent walks.

If you’re looking for regular, dependable, positive exercise for your pet give us a call. The At Your Service pet concierges will spend plenty of time getting to know your dog, then develop a customized program perfect for his age and health, his breed, and his exercise needs. Call us at 314-994-1382 or email us to get your best friend on a regular schedule.

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