If Getting Things Done Is Overwhelming You, Here Are Some Tips From Our Personal Concierges

Everybody has a to-do list.

It may be in your head, on paper, on your computer, or IPad, but you have one. Right?

Having the list isn’t the problem. The real problem is managing that list–getting thing off the “to do” and onto “the done” list.

We’ve polled the At Your Service personal assistants and here are their proven keys to getting it–whatever “it” is–done:

  • Get your to-dos out of your head and onto a real list. Creating a list will actually eliminate a lot of stress you feel because you’re carrying your list around in your brain every day. Writing things down or recording them electronically is the only way to keep all those little things you know need to be done from falling by the wayside. These are the things that keep you from falling asleep at night.
  • Break big projects down into actionable steps. Organize my kitchen sounds nearly impossible. Clean out the silverware drawer is doable.
  • Keep everything you need on your master list. For instance, if one of your things to do is call your son’s teacher with a questions about the reading list, your task would say: “Call Mrs. Smith, 314-555-5555, re: Where The Red Fern Grows.” When you have a few spare moments and you scan your list you’ll have everything you need to knock that one off the list.
  • Keep your list short. If your list is too long it will get overwhelming and a sort of list paralysis can set out. The shorter the list, the more focused you can be. Time experts vary in their opinions about how many things should be on your to-do list. Some say 20. Some say as few as 3. The number is immaterial–as long as you’re comfortable.
  • Get to work. Check things off as you finish them and add new tasks as they come up.
  • At least once every two weeks take a hard look at the things that are lingering on your to-do list. Can you delete a task or two as unnecessary? Can you delegate or outsource something? Can you divide a big daunting task into smaller tasks that are more doable

Once managing your to-do list becomes second natureā€¦here are some things you can try (one at a time) to make things even more efficient:

  • Create a “not to do” list
  • Make a someday or maybe list for far off future tasks
  • Create a separate list of 10 minute tasks for all the nagging little things that need to get done

A final word of caution. A to-do list should be a tool that helps you get things done. Make sure you’re not spending so much time managing your list that you don’t have time to manage your tasks.

As always, At Your Service is here to help you get things done. Our services are confidential, efficient, and professional. Call us at 314-994-1382.

Don't let your to do list overwhelm you

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