Life Unplugged

The next time you find yourself wishing you could get more done in a 24-hour period, try unplugging.

Create a no electronics time period every day to focus on getting things done. Shut off the gizmos and gadgets for a designated time period each day. No phones, television, radio, email, I-anythings, Twitter, Facebook, etc. etc. Just pure, blissful peace and quiet to help you concentrate on the task at hand.

Maybe it’s the first thing in the morning, your lunch time, or an hour before bedtime…when isn’t as important as scheduling your electronic timeout for the same time everyday. Make the commitment for 28 days. That’s how long behavioral experts say it takes to develop a new habit. See what happens, then re-evaluate. If unplugging works for you, you’ll be adding time to your day every 24 hours!

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