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I spend about an hour a week going through cookbooks to plan our family’s menus and create the weekly grocery list. This week it dawned on me that if just half the families in our little subdivision were doing the same thing, we’ve been spending a total of 36 hours on this little task each and every week.

That’s why you now see a new service being offered by At Your Service: Monthly Menu Planning. Not only will we plan balanced dinner menus for your family with a main dish, vegetables, and salad…we’ll also provide you with the recipes. And, we’ll even customize the menus for the special needs of your individual family. Don’t like fish? No problem. Want to try Meatless Mondays? We’ve got the recipes. Not a broccoli fan? We’ll substitute something else. Not only that, we can give you Type 2 Diabetes friendly menus, Weight Watcher points, low fat choices, etc…we aim to please and streamline the time you’re spending planning your dinners.

We’ll send you an entire month of menus and recipes for just $7. If you’d like the menus customized, the recipes printed on recipe cards and a handy-dandy card holder, it’s an additional $5–a total of $12 for the super deluxe package. Call us to order your plan today–I guarantee you $12 is a small price to pay to gain about an hour a week for four weeks!


2 Responses to Menu Planning–Check it off your list

  1. Karen Tritschler says:

    OK, this sounds great, but my family are meatatarians, not veggie or salad eaters. We eat basically roasts, tacos, and chicken. Donovan will not eat ground up beef except for tacos. Do you think you would be able to make a menu for us, because I am real tired of the same o same o. OH! And we have Tree Nut allergies in the family. Thanks Kathryn!

    Karen T.

  2. admin says:

    Karen, I think we can “meat” your challenge. I’m sending you an e-mail to get a little more information, so we can create a custom menu plan perfect for your family!


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