September’s Top 10 List

Can you believe it’s already September? Where did the summer go?

Here’s our list of Top 10 things to do this month! And, remember, there’s no reason to be overwhelmed–At Your Service of St. Louis County is here to help.

1) While it’s still warm outside, give your car a good hand wash and wax–or call At Your Service and we’ll take care of it for you. 314.994.1382. We’ll pick your car up, detail it, and return it to you good as new! What could be easier?

2) Now, clean your garage to make room for your nice and clean car. Do we really need all this stuff? I counted 18 empty clay pots in our garage. Apparently I don’t need them or they’d have flowers in them right now! Remember your junk is another person’s treasure, so recycle and donate to your favorite thrift center.

3) Take advantage of the back-to-school sales and replenish your personal office supplies. You can find great deals on everything from sticky notes to staples.

4) While you’re in the office, take a couple of minutes to wipe down all your computer and television screens. Beware! Cleaning a Plasma or LCD TV screen is different than the old days when you could just spray your old-style screen with some window cleaner and wipe with paper towels. Here are some tips:

Plasma TV owners should clean their screens with a soft, damp cloth. You can use a little mild soap, but never use heavy cleaning agents or you’ll strip the special coatings on the screen. Skip the paper towels too, they can scratch your screen.

LCD Flat Panel TV and monitor owners need to be extra careful! Use a dry or very slightly damp soft cloth to clean the LCD screen, then immediately dry with a soft cloth. Don’t press hard on the screen or you could cause severe damage to the display. Don’t use any cleaning solvents, glass cleaner, soaps, or paper products to clean the LCD screen. Even paper products can scratch an LCD screen.

5) When you have some time run a pot of white vinegar through your coffee pot to clear out any sediment. Follow that with a clear water chaser.

6) Before the fall monsoons come, call At Your Service (314.994.1382) or email us ( to give you an estimate on cleaning your gutters.

7) Start updating your address lists. Yes, the holidays are right around the corner.

8 ) Decide where your lawn could use a dash of color.Spring-flowering bulbs for fall planting will be making their way into the garden centers soon!

9) Call At Your Service now to get on our leaf-blowing schedule! Wouldn’t you rather be taking a leisurely drive enjoying all the beautiful fall leaf colors than spending hours raking them up off your lawn?

10) Check out our two specials this month! We’re taking 15% off all services scheduled next week, September 7-10th in honor of National Read A Book Day. That’s right! Put us to work so you can have a little time just to relax, enjoy yourself, and maybe even pick up a book.

September 12th is National Grandparent’s Day. Senior citizens (65 and over) always receive a 15% discount from At Your Service, but from September 12th through September 17th we’re giving all senior citizens an additional 15% discount on one hour of service. Click here for all the details.

Remember our services are only limited by your imagination! Call AtYour Service at 314.994-1382 or email us at

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