Simplify Your Life Tip #2

Online banking is a huge timesaver!

Two words: Online Banking. If you haven’t taken the time to set it up, do it today. Start to finish, setting up online banking will take you less than two hours and I guarantee you’ll save at least that much time each month paying your bills.

Just think–no more checks to write, no stamps to buy, no envelopes to address, no late payments or late fees. Easy-Peasy. Paying bills has never been so fun.

Recurring payments like your mortgage, car payment, child care, etc. can be set up one time and will take care of themselves each month after that. Don’t worry, you can override pre-set payments at any time.

Be sure you pay yourself, each month too! You can set up an automatic draft from your checking account into your savings account. Whether you’re saving for a dream vacation, the holidays, or a new house automatic savings add up quickly.

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