Simplify Your Life Tip #3

I like to go to the grocery store or farmer’s market every couple of days. We have a small frig, so two days’ worth of perishables is about optimum for my family. Plus, going so often means I always have the freshest stuff at the best prices. Even so, I still do a weekly list of our menus with an overall grocery list. Planning our weekly menus saves me so much time and money. When I leave in the morning for work, I know exactly what we’re having that night for dinner. I know what, if anything, I need to pick up or get out of the freezer. There’s no last-minute dash to the deli counter or calling for pizza because I haven’t planned ahead.

A couple of weeks last winter, I didn’t preplan our menus which meant I also didn’t post them in the kitchen. Lo and behold my son complained. Seems he liked to consult the menu board so he could look forward to dinner. He’d even gotten in the habit of starting things for me if he got home before me. My lack of planning cost me money and some family harmony!

Create a plan for your weekly menus–think of it as your culinary roadmap to family peace and happiness.

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