Simplify Your Life Tip #4

If the thought of setting up daily routines makes you picture boring, assembly-line type activities…time to rethink.

Routines can give your days a framework that helps you get all those everyday necessities finished. Here are some of the routines that keep Chez Collett running smoothly:

  • A load of laundry put in the washer every morning, put in the dryer after work, and folded after dinner
  • Dishwasher unloaded every night before bed, ready to refill after breakfast in the morning
  • Drycleaning taken in every Wednesday during lunch hour and picked up on Fridays after work
  • All electronic devices plugged in for recharging before bedtime

Okay, so it’s not brain surgery–but simple routines like these keep our household on track leaving us all more time to do the fun things we enjoy in our free time. I’d much rather be free to go to the lake for the weekend than have to tackle a mound of laundry.

Take some time and plot out a few routines that will put your household on automatic pilot. If you need some suggestions give At Your Service a call (314.994.1382). Our first phone consultation is absolutely free and may be all you need to get on track to simplifying your life.

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