Spring Cleaning–Yea or Nay?

If you’re the sort of person who’s into spring cleaning, here are 5 tips on cleaning some often overlooked spaces:

  1. Pay particular attention to the bathroom floor. Perfume, hair products, dust, makeup, toothpaste…it all makes its way to the floor thanks to gravity. A good cleaning of the bathroom floor and baseboards will freshen the air instantly.
  2. Spend some time actually organizing your bedroom closet—not just switching your cold weather clothes for warm weather clothes. An organized bedroom closet keeps your bedroom organized since you’ll have a home for everything. Think vertically and get things off the floor. And, remember the rule of one-thing-in, one-thing-out.
  3. Tackle the attic and garage, too. Here’s your mantra: “Regift, Give To Charity, Donate, Throw Away.” Anything else you can keep.
  4. Since the dining room is most likely your least-used room, it tends to collect the most dust. Take everything off every surface and really give the table, chairs, hutch, shelves, and light fixtures a good working over. Start from the top of the room (don’t forget the top of the ceiling fan blades) and work your way down.
  5. Bring out your patio furniture and give it a good wipe down. Use damp paper towels on iron and plastic pieces, window cleaner or glass surfaces, furniture cleaner on wood and upholstery cleaner on, well, upholstery. (Commercial: I love Turtle Wax’s Power Out. It comes with it’s own handy dandy brush on the spray end, plus you don’t need to scrub very hard. Let the foam penetrate and leave the furniture in the sun to dry).

By the way, if you have better things to do with your time than spring cleaning—give At Your Service a call at 314-994-1382 or email us and we’ll get it taken care of for you!

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