Tell us how you would use a personal assistant and you could win 8 hours from At Your Service

The latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens predicts January 5th will be the “most stressful day of the year.”* (Better Homes & Gardens, January 2011).

At Your Service of St. Louis County wants to bring more calm into your life! How? We’re giving one lucky person 8 hours of personal assistant services to use any way they want.

“Overspending, overeating, returning to work after vacation, unsettled weather, it seems like everything piles up this time of year to bring new levels of stress into our lives,” said Kathryn Collett, owner of At Your Service. “There are resources that can help people cope. We just don’t take advantage of them.”

At Your Service encourages its clients to identify the areas in their lives that are causing the most stress, then the company goes to work to eliminate those pressures.

“Women, especially, are expected to do it all, and do it all well. That’s just not realistic. We have executive clients making six figure incomes who feel bad about themselves because they have a mound of laundry by their washing machine. How silly is that? Once a person determines what their personal time is worth—and it’s worth a lot—they’re willing to let go of control of some of these mundane tasks. Our personal assistants come in, accomplish the work, and lighten their load.”

MSN Money has a widget that calculates the value of a person’s leisure time. Collett says she uses the widget to show potential clients that it often pays to hire someone to take care of the small, nagging tasks that are weighing them down.

At Your Service is a full-service personal and small business concierge serving the St. Louis area. The company’s slogan is “the only limit to our service is your imagination.”

“Our personal assistants are helping people lead more fulfilling lives, by freeing up their leisure time. We’ve done everything from wait for service personnel to provide companion services for senior citizens to planning monthly menus to moving furniture in and out of storage. We just helped a woman pull off a birthday party for her husband who was turning 50. She left for the office in the morning and when she got home at 6:00pm all she had to do was change into her party clothes. We’d set the whole party up, did the decorations, met the caterers, picked up the cake, provided the bartenders, and did the clean up…she told us it might have been the first time she thoroughly enjoyed a party she hosted!”

“In January we’re asking people to go to the At Your Service website or our Facebook page and tell us how having a personal assistant for a day could change his or her life. We’re giving the winner 8 hours with a personal assistant. As long as it’s legal, ethical, and safe we’ll do our best to accommodate the person.”*

At Your Service of St. Louis County, LLC is fully bonded and insured.

NOTE: Just leave a response to this post about how having your own personal assistant could help you out and you’ll be entered in our contest!

*The winner will be chosen from a random drawing of all entrants on January 15th. Winner will be notified by email. Must be 21 years old or older to enter, mileage in excess of 25 miles from I64 and Lindbergh will be charged at .50/mile, any third-party expenses will be billed at cost and must be paid by credit card before service is performed. Dates of service must be mutually-agreed upon by both parties. Personal assistant services must be completed in one 8-hour session or two 4-hour sessions.

One Response to Tell us how you would use a personal assistant and you could win 8 hours from At Your Service

  1. Kim Moeckel says:

    Having my own personal assistant would allow me to become healthy (physically, mentally and emotionally) again. It would allow me time for me! There does not seem to be enough time in the day to get everything done AND there is always someone wanting something from me……it’s exhausting! I need time to rest, exercise and eat healthy thought-out meals so I can for once find balance in my life and do something great just for me!

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