Time Is Money!

If you own or manage a small business you know what it means to be time starved. No doubt it’s a challenge for you to find, much less enjoy, much needed downtime. When a small business owner first calls At Your Service he or she is desperately looking for some extra time. Typically, they’re working from 8:00am to 5:00pm on the job, serving their clients, making sales calls, etc. Early mornings and evenings are spent doing the little things they don’t enjoy doing but need to do to survive. Payroll, scheduling, paperwork, inventory control…the list goes on.

In our first conversation with a new small business client, we tell them what they already know:  Time is Money!

Just five extra hours every week to devote to their company priorities can make all the difference in the world for small business owners. By delegating a few administrative tasks that take up a significant chunk of their time, they can spend more time doing revenue generating activities such as following up with potential clients, scheduling sales meetings and networking to make more money!

Running a small business and maintaining a demanding personal life is not an easy task. For the first few months or years of any business you probably can’t afford to hire a full time employee but you still need some help.

Here are a few responsibilities that some of our small business owner clients delegate to At Your Service so they can focus on making more money:

  • Managing their calendar
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Invoicing and expense reports
  • Managing paper
  • Research projects
  • Buying gifts for clients
  • Handwriting birthday or thank you cards
  • Planning client appreciation events

In nearly every instance, our small business clients see the value of our services and expand our work with them to include work on personal projects like finding their next vacation destination, or monthly shopping for household staples, or hiring and supervising contractors for their much need renovations around their homes.

Why not start the year off seeing how much more you can accomplish in five extra hours a week?

Remember: The only limit to our services is your imagination!

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