Welcome Wednesday: Grooming Your Pet Isn’t A Luxury–It’s A Necessity

Pets are special to all of us at At Your Service—so special we have our own Pet Concierge division. Kim Wagner is one of our personal assistants and is also a licensed pet groomer. If you’ve ever wondered why getting your pet on a regular grooming session is a good idea, read on…

Grooming Your Pets Keeps You Both Happier and Healthier

by Kim Wagner, Owner Kim’s Grooming

Most people think grooming their pet is all about making them look good and smell nice, but really regular grooming is more about making your pet feel more comfortable, happy, and healthy.

  • If your pet’s shedded hair and dander is a problem in your home, you and your pet will both definitely reap the benefits of regular grooming appointments. Groomers have the proper tools and have been specially trained to use them to remove animals’ undercoat, their loose hair, and clean their skin. Regular appointments decrease shedding and dander which is especially important if anyone in your family has allergies.
  • A trained groomer removes matted hair, cleans your little buddy’s ears, and trims their nails. Ignore these and your poor pets can really suffer with skin irritation, possible long-term hearing loss, and sore paws. If your dog has thick, wiry, or curly hair regular grooming is even more because the longer you wait the harder it is to comb out the matts. Tugging and pulling on the tangles are very hard on your pet–making a trip to the spa extremely nerve-wracking for both the animal and the groomer. Wait too long and your pretty little pooch may have to be subjected to the humiliation of a complete shave.
  • A good groomer will also alert you to any changes and possible illnesses he or she observes when they’re grooming. As your groomer gets to know your pet they’re often the first to see a problem. This is one reason I suggest to people that they should ask for the same groomer each time they make an appointment. A second reason is that animals get to know their groomer and settle into the appointment quicker when they see a familiar face.
  • Many diseases can be transmitted from animals to humans, Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are just two. Groomers can identify parasites such as fleas, ticks, and tapeworms—all of which are common culprits that like to make their home in your pet’s fur.

The top reason for regular grooming? It will definitely make your pet more enjoyable to cuddle.

It’s easy to set up an appointment at Kim’s Grooming, give us a call 314-994-1382, or email us. Our personal assistants will pick your pets up in the pet taxi and deliver them back to you after their spa session. It’s a nice day out for both of you! Our pet taxi is also available for trips to the vet, the dog park, or anywhere else your best friend needs to go.

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