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[Today At Your Service is starting a new feature in our blog columns. Every Wednesday we’re going to have a guest blogger in our new Welcome Wednesday series. In this series our guests will highlight their small business, services, and resources you can use to help manage your life more efficiently. If you know a good candidate to write a Welcome Wednesday column send me their contact information!]

First up, meet Wendy Bell who’s a CPA for Asset Assistant. I’ve known Wendy from our work together as members of the Senior Resource Options group in St. Louis. I’ve been impressed with Wendy and her company and their integrity and willingness to be of great service. On a personal note, as I’ve worked to close my mother’s estate and distribute her personal assets as she’d like I’ve come to realize how important it is to get our houses in order as best we can, while we can. My husband, John, and I will be making an appointment with Wendy soon!

Are You Ready For The UNEXPECTED?

by Wendy Bell

In my line of work, I can’t tell you how many people I run into who say, “I wish I knew about you 6 months ago, before my mom died”.

Do you remember all your passwords? Do you keep them someplace that is safe and easy to get to? Does your spouse or significant other know what or where they are? Are all of your important documents safe and available if you or your loved ones needed them fast?

If not, you are like most people. But there is hope, I CAN HELP!

I can create a Life Inventory for you. I can help you pull together all of your personal, medical, and financial information along with any other critical data about you and your household. This information gets input into a software program that resides on your computer and is fully encrypted and password protected.

Be PROACTIVE, don’t let it be you or your loved ones who see me one day and say, “Oh, I wish I knew about you 6 months ago!”

Wendy Bell, CPA works for Asset Assistant LLC. A company that helps people retitle assets after a major life event, like divorce, estate planning or marriage. She also helps people get organized by using a propriety software program that facilitates aggregating and compiling information. Visit her website at http://www.assetassistantllc.com

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