What can a concierge do for you?

Oh, deer. The buck stops here

“What exactly do you do for people?”

That’s the question At Your Service is asked most often. And, it’s the hardest question to answer because what we do really depends on the needs of our clients.

Every client is different. Every day is different. And, some days what we’ve planned to do, in the order we’ve planned to do it, all gets tossed out the window, because one of our customers needs something done urgently!

Our goal is to say yes to every request we get. So, we just take a deep breath, and come up with a creative plan to accomplish all of your requests in the most efficient manner possible.

This week had a little bit of everything: A couple of trips to the vet with sick dogs. Arranging for yard clean up and mulch delivery. Our weekly visit to the car wash and a fill up ($3.79/gallon!) for one of our regulars. A pick up at the airport. Picking up, assembling, and delivering some cabinets for a new customer. Picking up and organizing mail. Planning a new website for a budding author. Installing a mailbox. Laundry. Dry cleaning. Getting samples of floor materials for a workout room. Buying a bottle of wine for a gift. Dropping some clothes off for alterations. Planning a 40th birthday party with a Jamaican theme. Yah Mon. Taking shoes to be shined. And more and more and more.

And, that’s just the way we like it! Keep your requests coming, it’s what makes our work so fun and satisfying.

My favorite job this week? Picking up a mounted deer head at a client’s office and carrying it down the streets of St. Louis to my parked car. Maybe you saw us?

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